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My 5 year old son received a slanted, choppy version of Lloyd Christmas' (Dumb and Dumber) haircut. This extremely rude girl who told my son to "move to the middle of the chair", and when she didn't say which direction that was and he didn't move, she proceeded to tell him "I can't pick you up and move you because I have bad wrists, so you need to move." I intervened and asked him to move slightly to the left. She asked me what I wanted which was to make the back less of a mullet and trim up the ears to half the ear. She didn't ask me what I wanted done with the front. I told her we wanted to keep it all long, just a trim. She also told me to go wait up front. I waited in the lobby assuming she'd ask me if his haircut looked alright before she'd have him get down from the chair, but she didn't. She came out to the lobby and said "how's it look?" I was so shocked all I could say was "a lot shorter than what I expected." She didn't say another word, didn't ask if she could fix it or style it. My son proceeded to ask her if he got a sucker bc he as always received one, ever since we started going there and she just kept ignoring him, trying to get us out of the store as soon as possible since we arrived at 4:15 and they close at 5. When we got home 7 minutes later, I took a closer look and we ended up with the aforementioned slanted bowl cut. I called them upset and they said to come in and get it fixed. We did, the second time around we got the experience we have always received there, which was pleasant, spoke to my son, apologized for the bad haircut, and even offered him a sucker, knowing he didn't receive one before. I commend her for her part, the girl who royally screwed my son's hair up just stood their with her face glued to her phone most likely from sheer embarrassment and utter shame. I wish I knew her name, but I suggest if you go to this location, ask for the 5'2"ish blonde girl with bad wrists and attitude so you know who NOT to have touch your hair.

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This place sucks. I used the check in app and it told me to be there at 3pm. Got there right on time and it was an additional 40 min wait. Stylist was extremely rude. Did not introduce herself. I asked how she was doing and she ignored me. I asked again and she said ?same as any other day?. She rushed my haircut and wouldn?t say a word to me. Her hairdryer came unplugged and she said ?oh my effing god?. Didn?t do my hard part. Haircut looks like crap. Went back for the wash. I usually do two hot towels. She had me sit in the broken chair so I had to get up myself and grab the footrest on wheels from across the room. Both towels were lukewarm at best. She spent a max of 30 seconds on each wash. When I was done, she said, ?ok you can grab the towel and dry off?. Well, the towel was on the floor and I dripped water all over. I am also going to have to go get my haircut fixed. This place is awful. DO NOT go here!

5 rating

Love Kristina we travel an hour for her!!!

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Dianna D. | January 18, 2020 Facebook

"My 5 year old son received a slanted, choppy version of Lloyd Christmas' (Dumb and Dumber) haircut. "

Jordan E. | January 17, 2020 Facebook

"This place sucks. I used the check in app and it told me to be there at 3pm. Got there right on time"

Ella P. | December 29, 2019 Google

"Love Kristina we travel an hour for her!!!"

chris m. | December 7, 2019 Google

"Great place to get an haircut. Friendly staff, reasonably priced, and sports on the TV!!! What more "

Nate C. | November 8, 2019 Google

"I'm new in the area and looking for a good barber .the vibe was cool Varsha did her thing it was all"

George B. | November 6, 2019 Google

"Listened to what I wanted for a cut and asked as she went."

Terry S. | October 8, 2019 Yelp


John T. | September 30, 2019 Google

"My go to haircut place in the Iowa City/coralville area! Staff is very friendly and outgoing, always"

Sam F. | September 27, 2019 Google

"I love coming here! They're always welcoming and pleasant to talk to while cutting your hair. Loved "

Kevintendo23 | September 10, 2019 Google

"They went to fast and messed up my haircut"